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Laces, shoelaces, sneaker laces, sports laces, wide laces?! It doesn't matter what you call them. Do you need long flat quality laces for your sneakers, sports or other shoes. Then buy our affordable laces made of sturdy polyester.

  • 1 pair of shoelaces
  • 120cm x 4mm
  • Length 120 cm
  • Diameter 4 mm
  • Round lace

Suitable for 6 - 8 holes. Available in different colours.

How do you check whether the lace is suitable for your shoe?

  • Measure your old lace and see what length you need or,
  • Count the eyelets on your shoe (on one side of your shoe!)

Main  is to look at the size and shape of the laces you need. How wide should the laces be 8mm, 10mm or round 3mm or 5mm. And how long should the laces be. If you still have your old laces, you can easily measure them.

Round | Black | 4mm | 120cm

€ 4,99Price
Colour: white
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